• Sailing our Paradise

    Follow our voyage around Australia
  • Sailing our Paradise

    Exit Sydney, turn left and keep going.
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  • Sailing our Paradise

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Recent News

Preparing for our Journey

In May of 2019 we will be embarking on a 12 month circuit of Australia. We will be travelling in an anti-clockwise direction, I am using the logic that we go out of Sydney turn to port and just keep the land on the port side. If it gets on the starboard side we are going the wrong way. Simple right! Anyway, we had our first haul-out in May 2018 and a lot of preparation was initiated. Electrical systems were upgraded, satellite systems installed, ...

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We have arrived at our destination, The Wessel Islands. This video blog contains snippets of our fortnight at the Wessel Islands, a chain of small islands extending 120 km northeast from the Napier Peninsula in northeastern Northern Territory, Australia, into the Arafura Sea. Named for a Dutch ship that explored the area in 1636, the islands form the western gate to the Gulf of Carpentaria at Cape Wessel, their northern extremity. The island grou...

The Wessel Vessels' congregated on Paradise to celebrate John's Birthday and what a lovely day it was. The morning started off with a satellite call from our children, they miss their parents. Birgit surprised John and played a musical tune on her Swedish flute over the radio. Birgit repeated her performance in person, and it was such a treat. Kiwi Kim went all out and prepared a poem and accompanying hard hat for John, you will have to watch the...

Port Bradshaw on the mainland of East Arnhem Land is a geographic beauty, check out the rock formations in the video. A permit is required to go ashore, so we weren't able to go exploring, but that was okay cause there was plenty to see from the water.  We encountered some pilot whales while fishing from the tender. They seemed rather cute initially and then became somewhat grumpy when we were following them. On the third time around, we got...

Here's a great example of teamwork & flaking a damaged sail. After the G-Zero failed we had to get it back to shore to bag up. Our Wessel Vessel friends are always willing to lend a helping hand, and what a great bunch they are. The folding and rolling was impeccable and evidence of great teamwork, especially since it was the first one flaked for all of us. I'm going to miss these guys and gals when it's time to go home.

Groote Eylandt is the largest island in the Gulf of Carpentaria and the fourth largest island in Australia. It is the homeland of and is owned by, the Warnindhilyagwa who speak the Anindilyakwa language. A permit is required to go ashore as the island is generally not open to the public. We were able to visit the Aboriginal rock art sites and do some fishing. Although there are crocs in the Northern Territory, we found some beaches where the wate...

Crossing the Gulf of Carpentaria from QLD to the NT in 2.5 days. The Wessel Vessels gathered at Boyd Point for sundowners to have a chat about the crossing the Gulf of Carpentaria and to grab a group photo. 8 vessels are crossing together, Ian off Humpy a last-minute addition. This is our first crossing and first continuous night sail and another milestone for Paradise. We all set sail in light wind conditions at 0400hrs for what is expected to b...

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